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Here’s the Place to share all your Holiday Traditions and recipes that make the season Great!

Come and share your family’s most endearing Traditions and recipes for the Christmas Season! Everyone has their own story, please tell us yours, share your most memorable highlights of Christmas throughout your lifetime.  What made it special?  How did you … Continue reading

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Some important things that will be one everyone’s mind shortly!

It is Oct. 6th already! It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada. All of you I’m sure know what that means………No, it doesn’t mean we will go on diets and it does not mean we will start thinking about Halloween! Halloween … Continue reading

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Grammie O’s opinions

There are things that my children need to know about Grandparenting from my point of view! 1.  I love it when you come to visit, just let me know you are coming, so that I don’t miss you! 2.  You … Continue reading

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Week 2 and counting!

Why is it that the minute Labor Day has past, our bodies automatically want to sleep in?  All summer we have been getting up at the crack of dawn and using the time to our advantage.  There was time to … Continue reading

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August already and Back to School is on everyone’s mind!

This time of the summer is one of high expectations for both parents and children.  Hopefully your children have had a great summer, filled with all kinds of new experiences.  Maybe they went to camp, travelled to another part of … Continue reading

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A friend who knows about my longing for continuous learning

forwarded me this link and I am so excited to share it with you!  It says what I have know all my life!  There are many ways to learn and we can and should learn something that really drives us.  … Continue reading

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my Friend at the Huffington Post: Devon Corneal

There is a lot of advice out there for parents these days. You can browse entire parenting sections in your local bookstore, turn to websites and bloggers, watch old Dr. Phil… even some Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes have … Continue reading

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