August already and Back to School is on everyone’s mind!

This time of the summer is one of high expectations for both parents and children.  Hopefully your children have had a great summer, filled with all kinds of new experiences.  Maybe they went to camp, travelled to another part of the country, or another part of the state or province you live in.  Hopefully there has been time for your family to make some memories that will be with you for a long time.  There will be questions that will come up during family dinners about what you did together and what you saw.  It is a great time to get out the maps, pictures and any other memorabilia that you gathered while you were away!  Discussions about what you did, where you went and all the things that you saw.  Kids are magnets for information and will love the time spent rehashing their vacation time.  It will also help them to remember these times in the future and maybe even plant a seed for further exploration of their world.

When it is time for the children to get back to school, chances are the first thing they will be doing is writing something about their summer holidays.  With conversations going back and forth about where they have been and what they have seen, these first days of getting back to school will be both easy and fun for them to recount.  Not only that, but they will have a written account of their travels and activities.  It is a great time to encourage the youngsters to start writing.  For younger children who don’t have the  ability to write well, taping their stories works just as well. The idea is to get the children talking or writing about their lives and activities. For children who are not writing much, drawing or putting together a scrapbook is another way to encourage them to share their experiences.

Perhaps your children did not go away for the holiday season, but rather spent their time reading.  That is a way of travelling as well.  Perhaps there were places that were seen through pictures and movies. There could be places that were in their imagination.  Places like the Winnie the Pooh‘s forest,  The Secret Garden, the Land of Nod, and a number of other wonderfully crafted stories.  Encourage your children to explore what these stories meant to them.  The insights from what they read could evolve into a life long love of reading, writing and story telling.  All of these are gifts that our children are capable of cultivating with a little encouragement.

Wonderful things happen around us all the time.  It just takes a little time to really look at our environments.  Nature, flowers, butterflies, birds, they are all there in abundance for us to marvel at.  Children can let you know their interests by drawing, talking and telling you about their findings.  Listen to them and help them discover different ways to explore their interests.

Back to school will be the start of wonderful experiences and retelling of things that happened during their summer of exploration and activities.  It will also be a time of new friends, new activities and a host of other experiences that will hopefully bring you and your children many new things to talk about and explore.

Original Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys. Clockwi...

Original Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys. Clockwise from bottom left: Tigger, Kanga, Edward Bear (aka Winnie-the-Pooh), Eeyore, and Piglet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Visit for lots of ideas to help your children make “Back to School”  a wonderful new chapter in their lives.


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