I can’t beleive this past week! My top 10 reasons for living where I do!

An animation (satellite images) showing season...

An animation (satellite images) showing seasonal snow changes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems to me that our weather systems are totally out of whack!  Our winter was not our normal winter.  why i barely had the snow shovel out three times.  Even those three times, the shovel only got used because I was too impatient for the sun to melt it all away.  It is also a ritual of winter.  I mean who can say it’s been winter if they haven’t pushed a snow shovel around even once…….Mind you I’m not speaking for all our friends in the southern climes, they live there because they don’t want the snow.  But up here, snow is a basic of our winter routines.  It just hasn’t been a proper winter without the appearance of that white stuff that makes everything look pretty and clean at the same time.   Alas, while we did not have much of the snowy white icing on our streets and sidewalks, now that we are into the end of the month of March,  no one wants that icing around any more.

The reality is that we are just waiting for the temperatures to start moving in an upwardly direction.  The problem as I see it, is that March temperatures  tend to move up and down rather quickly.  Why last week it was 23 degrees Celsius and today it is -1 C.  It might as well be -20 C.  Why is it that our bodies are so ready to acclimatize to the warm stuff, and so quick to react when the cold comes back again?  Everyone I know is getting sick.  One day you are out in shorts and t-shirts and the next day you are back to the long johns and flannel shirts. That said, I really must confess, I don’t like yo-yo temperature fluctuations.  If it’s going to be warm, then stay warm!

I’m told by my southern friends to move south, but then I would miss all the subtle changes that my seasons bring….  Therein lies my problem, I want subtle changes, not the smack in your face that this week has given me.

Oh well, I will just have to listen to the news to find out what I should be wearing.  I the meantime, I will not put my shovel away.  I will prop it up right next to the rake, so that when I know what’s happening outside, I can decide which garden tool makes the most sense.  I also have my winter hat, mittens, scarf and coat waiting by the door, right beside my garden gloves.  What a Hoot!

In the meantime to get through this cold day, I’m making my list of reasons to live here and when I get down in the mouth 😦 because it isn’t as nice as I want it to be, I will re-read my list and smile again :)!

1.  Four seasons, not just one or two, but four distinct times of the year.

2 .Winter with its whiteness and cold.  Beautiful with its many changing patterns of frost.  The crunch of snow underfoot as you make your way around the neighborhood. The moonlight reflecting off of the snow and making the dark night brighter.

3. Spring with the temperatures rising.  Snow bells and crocuses, primroses and Helleborus, tulips and daffodils all peaking up through the ground.  The promise of summer to come.  Easter with its hunt for eggs and chocolate goodies.  Family for celebrations  and get togethers.  Somehow they happen more often when the weather warms up.

4. Summer with days that last well into the evening hours.  Shorts and t-shirts, swimming and biking.  Seeing your neighbors on a regular basis, because everyone is out and about. Gardening and the smell of fresh-cut grass.  Outings for picnics and family reunions.

5. Fall when the leaves start to turn those beautiful colours of red, gold and brown.  Leaves to rake and children just waiting to jump into the pile.  The crispness of the air as the temperatures start to drop again.

6.  Family, we all live above the 49th parallel.

7.  Friends who come to call all year-long.

8.  Work and schools are all close by.

9.  The airport is only 10 minutes away, so if we really need to leave, we can.

10.  This is HOME!

So now that this list is made, I will refer to it on more than one occasion, just to remind myself why I stay where I am.

I can also say without any hesitation that I am looking forward to springs permanent arrival and summer that will follow.  But I also promise to take one day at a time and look for the good in that day and that day only.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a present!  Let’s treat it that way too!


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