Sunny days and sore muscles

Lobelia Seeds

Lobelia Seeds (Photo credit: photofarmer)

So the ground hog came and went a couple of days ago and the verdict was for an early spring.  Well as one radio announcer put it, “Did anyone ask him, where was winter?”    I don’t mind though, I’m finding that the older I get the less I like the cold weather.   I’m also laughing because my granddaughter also has this “thing” for the warmth.  Her words to her mom yesterday was,  “Can we go where there is summer?”  She is definately a chip off this old block.

I love the warmth and the brightness of the sun.  My guess is that it is because I suffer from that crazy Seasonal Affected Disease.   I had that disease summed up way back before anyone did studies to find out there was such a disease.  I can remember telling my mother that I needed a spot of sunshine to get me through the day.   Back then of course, she thought I was being melodramatic.  I did have a flair for attention seeking.  But enough about my likes and dislikes with regards to the sunshine or lack thereof.

Right now I’m thinking that this winter is finishing up and we are headed for spring.  That has my hopes rising to a point of ectasy.  My plans for the day include pouring over seed catalogues and ordering a  whole bunch of beautiful, exciting and colourful seeds.

Those tiny little seeds hold so much hope.  While I have them in my hands, I am always amazed that out of these tiny little orbs, come some of the tallest, most beautifully shaped and fragranced flowers imaginable.

I will make sure to take my time and explain to my little darlings (the granddaughters) about these wonders of nature.  They will come to my house and we will make a mess.  My daughter in law will shake her head, and the girls and I will be potting up a little bit of summer to come.  Of course this is some thing that you get to do at grammie’s house only.  That is made abundantly clear as my DIL still shakes her head.

The girls are happier than ever helping grammie to fill pots with dirt and set them up in the greenhouse. We take our time doing this chore and laugh and make games out of the process.  Ooops, there goes one pot on the floor.  My little ones look at me for anger and they get, “oh well, let’s clean this up and continue.”  They are amazed, grammie isn’t upset, rather accepts that these things sometimes happen.  I’m just thinking that I’m glad my baby seeds had not yet been planted in that pot.

Out in the greenhouse, the bedding tables are all set up and the pots are nicely set up in rows.  The girls have their table all laid out, so that when it is time to plant the seeds, they will know which ones are going home to their house for mommy and daddy to plant.

“Grammie, says the oldest, why do you like this so much?”  Well that is a loaded question for sure.  But for now the simple answer is that it makes me happy!  My girls are okay with that answer and in years to come I will get into some more profound answers, but for now, being happy works quite well and it is the truth.

I will enjoy looking out into the greenhouse to see those pots all waiting patiently for their seeds to be planted, and then the magic will start. For right now, some of the hard work is already done, now I need patience to wait until it warms up just a little more, so that the seeds, when planted won’t freeze as they start poking their little heads up into the warmth and sunshine.

In the meantime, I remain ever hopeful that the days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and before too long it will be spring.  Oh God, give me strength to wait patiently and enjoy the changing of the seasons in due time……..

to be continued……


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