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When Conor Grennan decided to spend a year taking a trip around the world his friends were critical, so he decided to spend three months of that year volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal, feeling sure that would impress people.  Up until that point, he’d had very little exposure to children, so he was unprepared for just how much the children at the Little Princes Orphanage would affect him.

After his three month stint, Grennan couldn’t get the children out of his mind or his heart, so he returned to the orphanage a year later.  He came to discover that many of the children were not, in fact, orphans – they had been taken from their parents under false pretenses by child traffickers.  Grennan was so moved by the plight of these children, he has made it his life’s work to take care of them and reunite them with their…

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I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to make the site much more user friendly and interactive. I'm hoping that Word Press will be the answer I'm looking for. I like to think that my grandchildren will have the best opportunities to learn and have fun that are available through the internet and would like to make those opportunities available to all children of all ages.
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