Why do we do the things we do?

Sometimes it helps to sit back and look at what is happening around us.  Why do we do the things we do?

1. Sometimes because it seemed like a really good idea at the time.

2. Sometimes because there is a reward for doing it.

3. Sometimes out of duty or obligation.

4. Sometimes because it helps us grow (mentally, emotionally, physically)

5. Sometimes because there is no other choice.

6. Sometimes because it is what we believe in.

Let’s just delve into these reasons a little bit.

Number 1.  reminds me of my childhood, when you didn’t think things through completely.  Most of the time some one would dare you to do something and that person had just enough clout in your circle of friends, that to back out of doing it would make you seem like a ______________(enter your word of choice here) “sissy, scaredy cat, woose, a noboby, a chicken.  Well you get the idea.  These times is when we let someone else dictate our actions and reactions.  It gives someone else power over our very being.  With very little reward to show for it.  When you have completed the “task” set out, most of the people you thought were your friends are shaking their heads in disbelief that you would actually do that.

Number 2. again reminds me of my childhood, I can remember one time in particular, the Fuller Brush man was at our door selling his wares.  My mom and dad were busy and I was just in their way.  So when this man suggested that I could go with him on his route and be rewarded with ice cream afterwards, it didn’t take me long to shuffle alongside this perfect stranger, knocking on doors.  He sold more stuff, cause I was kind of cute and they all thought I was his daughter.  Lucky for me this guy was honest and hard working and did not take advantage of a 7 year old, but brought me safely back home.  Somehow the ice cream didn’t taste so good anymore, when I saw my parents in tears wondering what had happened to me.


Number 3. Ahh duty and obligation!  So now my parents are the older ones and I’m the one doing the running around that they can no longer do.  But they spent so many years doing things for me, that it only seems fair to pay back all those times with my help now. To do so in a loving non-judgemental way is the hard part.


Number 4.  Makes us grow!  Well that is loaded.  I know that there have been many many times in my life where I did not want to do something, but in the end result, they were good things to do.  Going to school (mentally challenging), learning about life and death when our favorite pet dies (emotionally) and running a race, or biking or skating or any other physical activity which is new to us (physically).  We grow so many times in our lifetimes and they all come from different types of challenges that we either meet head on or they are forced on us.  The one thing that happens, is that we grow, whether we want to or not.  Even for me, I started University in 2006 at the ripe age of 50+ and four years later was rewarded with a certificate in Theology.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old,  it can be done.  You need the courage and strength of character to make it through and sometimes a little tenacity doesn’t hurt either.


Number 5.  Sometimes there is no other choice!  Well I guess that depends on where you are in life.  Children have no other choice than to go to school, and that is a good thing.  Parents should love their children, also a good thing.  Children should be given every opportunity to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, in a family that accepts them as they are (A great thing for sure)!  When we fall down, it would be nice to have someone pick us back up, help dust us off and with encouragement show us the way.

Number 6. Because it is what we believe in.  This has got to be the number one reason to do anything that will affect our lives.   It’s what makes us tick at the core of our beings.  It is where we find our strength and solace.  Everything that we do because we believe in it, will bear much fruit.  Are you the artist, the number cruncher, the dancer, poet, bricklayer or inventor?  Believe in what you are doing and nothing can stop you!

I’ve just touched on a few reasons, each one of which could be a thesis on development (but I don’t want to bore you) please feel free to add your own!




About Grammie O

I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to make the site www.grammieknows.com much more user friendly and interactive. I'm hoping that Word Press will be the answer I'm looking for. I like to think that my grandchildren will have the best opportunities to learn and have fun that are available through the internet and would like to make those opportunities available to all children of all ages.
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