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I am always looking out for great ideas when it comes to playing with my grand-daughters.  There is so much for them to learn and playing with them helps them to develop skills that they can use once they are in school.  While looking for some inspiration, I went to one of my affiliates and found many craft type projects to work on with my little ones.  Supplies are easy to come by and the time to prepare minimal.  I just grabbed some white paper, computer paper works great and pre-cut snowflakes for them.  Right now, we don’t have much snow, so this was just a gentle reminder to them, that it will be coming soon.  Once we had our snowflakes all set out (many different sizes for their little hands)  we covered one of the windows in their room with light blue tissue paper and then proceeded to make our own brand of snow fall.  A little glue on the snowflake and presto onto the blue paper and our snow was falling.  Little mounds of cotton balls at the bottom of the page made it seem like there were snow piles.  We even had our own personalized snowmen also out of cotton balls.  The girls and I had a ball making these and the joy on their faces, as they showed their parents what we had been up to, was just wonderful.  A little time, thought and preparation was all that was needed for a couple of hours of fun.  Family history and story telling also rounded out the whole experience.  What a joy!   The girls still don’t believe that their dad was ever as little as they are now, but grammie filled them in on a whole lot of things he did when he was their age.  They not only got a lesson in pasting and placement but also a family history story to boot!  I’m sure that in the future these stories will come out and my son will wonder where his little ones heard these things…..Me I’m just going to sit back and have that Mona Lisa smile on my face….


About Grammie O

I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to make the site www.grammieknows.com much more user friendly and interactive. I'm hoping that Word Press will be the answer I'm looking for. I like to think that my grandchildren will have the best opportunities to learn and have fun that are available through the internet and would like to make those opportunities available to all children of all ages.
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