Jan. 3 Beginning with the babies………

So this morning is a continuation of the learning I started to do yesterday.  Blogging is a whole new avenue of communication for me.  Seeing as how it has been around for a while, I guess you could call me a slow learner…..or better yet a slow finder.  When you don’t know that something is out there, it’s hard to take advantage of it.  That got me thinking about my website too!  While my affiliate network is growing, if I don’t know what’s available to everyone, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to go out and advertise.  You have to know something of the products and services available in order to make sense out of whole website.  It also helps to know who your audience is.  While most of the on line shopping will be done by grown-ups, they need to be informed in order to make good choices.  So with that thought in mind, I will try to make some sense out of my website www.grammieknows.com.  Why I have chosen the products, and why you should go an take a look to see what is there.

As I wrote earlier, my formal education was interrupted by children coming into our lives and their needs.  So after many years, going back to school for the formal part of my education, had a huge impact on me.  The realization that we are learning every single day became quite evident as I grew with my children and learnt what and how to do things with them.  Each child brings their own unique way of learning and doing things.  The wonderful thing about children (and we sometimes forget this) is that each one does the learning in different ways.  There isn’t a mold that will fit each child.  This goes for adults as well.  Everyone has their own learning style, their likes and dislikes.  What is most important is to continuously try to spark the interest and curiosity to know more.

When our children are little, we engage their minds with sights and sounds.  Their little minds are developing and their motor skills are not yet functioning fully.  So we use the sights and sounds in order to engage their mind.  Even the youngest of children are soothed by the sounds of soft music, raindrops falling, breezes through the trees etc.  They are calming sounds and help a child (and sometimes the parent) to relax.  Great ideas for this age group are CDs of music, nature sounds or time tried lulaubbies.   A search on Amazon.com will bring up a host of music for young minds, from Fisher-Price’s Rainforest sounds to the world’s best loved lullabies (http://www.amazon.com/Sleepy-Baby-Donald-Crockett/dp/B00009IAYG?&linkCode=wsw&tag=grammiescorne-20) and everything in between.  Check it out!  What a wonderful start to bringing the love of music to youngsters.

Continuing tomorrow!



About Grammie O

I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to make the site www.grammieknows.com much more user friendly and interactive. I'm hoping that Word Press will be the answer I'm looking for. I like to think that my grandchildren will have the best opportunities to learn and have fun that are available through the internet and would like to make those opportunities available to all children of all ages.
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