Welcome to my home page.  Just to let you know a little bit about me and why I’m blogging here:

I am a wife, mother, grandmother.  My family continues to grow and I like that……

My own children are grown up and my grandchildren range in age from 10 to almost 2 with a new little one expected this year……

While my own formal education was graduation from High School, I continued to have a fascination with learning and did much of it on my own.

While our children were young, they were our whole world and everything revolved around them, their activities, their friends and their education.  They are all grown up now and our focus has changed from our children, to us and  to growing up together with a common goal.  While we were parents, we never really grew up!  We still like to have fun.

My husband and I consider ourselves Christian in belief and in 2006, he wanted to learn more about our faith.  That is when he looked into becoming a deacon in the Roman Catholic rite.  What I didn’t realize when we were accepted into this program, is that I would have the opportunity to pick up my formal education, where it had left off in 1972.  What a blessing that was!  I never realized how much it bothered me that I didn’t have that certificate of accomplishment.  It took us four years,  yes you read that right, FOUR (4) years to complete our course of studies and both he and I have a certificate in Theology from the University of Toronto.


So that still doesn’t explain what I am doing here!   Well let me continue my life story to fill you in just a little more……

We are now reaching that “golden” part of our lives and continue to be busy people.  My husband was ordained in 2010 and we serve the Parish of St. Leo’s in West End Toronto.

While I have had many career changes in life, he has worked mostly in hospitals as a Medical Technologist.  He still works full time and I am starting to work full time at getting a web-site affiliate program going.

Now you are starting to see the reason for learning how to blog.  It is my hope that with this new endeavour we can start to manage our time in a way that will free him up to work in his ministry with people that are marginalized in our society, while still maintaining our lifestyle.  We are simple in that regard, we don’t have need for fancy anything, but a roof over our heads and a place to call home.

The web-site was born partially because of this late in life opportunity to learn.  I realized that I really like learning and that is something that we never stop doing.  Even if it is not in a formal setting, we are still learning.  I want to keep it that way until I am pushing up daisies and then I will know enough.    It is also my hope to share the love of learning with the new generation that is in my life, my grandchildren.  If they love to learn, there is nothing to stop them from becoming wonderful, balanced and caring people.  What more could any parent or grandparent want?

Hence my site www.grammieknows.com was born.  Because as my grand-daughters tell me, “grammie knows everything!”  Thank God they are only 4 and 2 and it’s not hard to impress them.  My grandson is a little harder, he’s 10 and starting to discover all kinds of things……..

But, he’s part of the reason I am doing this too!  There are so many things to learn in life, from how things work, to being a healthy, happy person, to sharing your gifts!  I am fascinated by how much he learnt with his father, while they were fixing their home.  He can swing a hammer, get tools (and he knows what they are used for) to just watching his dad tackle a problem.  He is learning and having fun in the process.  What a great way for a youngster to have a sense of accomplishment and pride in his work!

Hope you enjoy the site and the blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment or suggest another site to check out!  I’m learning as I go, be patient with me!







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  1. You have a warm and fuzzy blog. Sorry that you can’t monetize your blog at WP, for affiliate marketing. I’m moving my blogs to WP (from Blogger) and launching them in January, and I love it here. I was sad that I could not continue my Amazon and Google Adsense affiliate relationships through WP, but I believe my move here is still for the best. I can focus on marketing my own art, crafts, manuscripts and services. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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